Blogging it up


As I sit here, watching the TV from the corner of my eye as John Connor outruns a fake cop with the help of a surprisingly hunky Arnold Schwarzenegger, I realize the evening is slipping away from me. It is easy to spend an entire day setting up a blog.

I’ve set up my Ultra Important Review Rules post, my contact page, and added/deleted about a dozen widgets. Yet I have nothing about writing on my writing blog.

So here it is: My name is Genna Donaghy, and as of May 25th, 2013, I have one erotic M/M novel on submission, another which may be finding a home shortly, and a third WIP YA novel I hope to find an agent for. Someday.

I’m hoping this blog will be entertaining. I’ll have reviews, promotions (of my books and of others), updates, musings on writing, long walks on the beach. Ect.

(Damn Arnie, you were hot. Why didn’t you make a better Governor?)

Come join me. I can’t promise class, or a learning experience, but you’ll (probably) have a good time. 🙂

~ Genna


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