I’ve been straining my brain trying to come up with a meaningful blog post for the past week or so. Finally I decided eff it, here’s an update. 🙂

The cover art for Touch Me Not should be coming soon (maybe tomorrow!) and you know I’ll be plastering it all over the internet. In the meantime, the space holder has made an appearance on the Loose Id  site here. Look, you can even ‘receive 50 Idcents Points for writing a review and/or rating this product.’ Just saying.

Editing is coming fast and furious for Second Skin, and I’m hard at work for the sequel. Though I fear it might suffer from sequelitis (As the number of films in a series grows, the probability that the latest entry will be terrible increases geometrically). I’ll be leaning heavily on my critique partners and beta readers to keep me on track.

This is a short post, but one last thing before I go. I’ve received several requests to review books within the last couple weeks. (I think I’ve been put on some sort of a list.) But it’s OBVIOUS not one of the authors have actually read my review FAQ prior to submitting. C’mon, guys…

Anyway, I’ll have another update soon! This time with pictures of hot guys! (Yay!)


3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Hey Genna, Esther here (from Critique Circle). I get my blog posts from Yahoo questions. You ought to give it a shot. There are questions there on everything from “Why does my dog always poop at the bottom of the porch steps?” to “Why do all the Red Shirt guys die on Star Trek?”

    I’m sure you’ll find a question or two that you could answer in a blog post. Since you’re about to hit the big time with a M/M romance, you should look in the “Relationships” section for M/M stuff. Or detective stuff. Or writerly stuff. You know, anything that has to do with Shane. Heck, there might even be a section on animal factoids.

    Just trying to be helpful. 😉

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