Author Interview with Genna Donaghy

My first author interview. 😀


Genna Donaghy’s debut novel Touch Me Not (Loose Id) released September 15, 2013. We thought we’d aim our questions at First Times. Ready?

1. What was the first Romance novel that you read? Did you love it or hate it?

When I was eleven or so, I picked up a Harlequin time travel book for .25 cents at a yard sale. I didn’t care for the romance or the underlying Christian themes, but I must have read the sex scenes–Oh man. Dozens of times over. That was enlightening.

2. What was the first M/M Romance novel that you read?

Infected by Andrea Speed. I believe I first read it on her Live Journal before she moved to Dreamspinner. I loved the gritty storyline, the clever (heartbreaking!) parallel to the werecat virus and HIV, and how it was a detective story first, romance second. It worked on so many levels. The…

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