Update and writing goals


Hey all!

As it’s my Friday and I have nothing but 8 hours of toil then the glorious stretch of the weekend in front of me, I thought it was time to update my writing goals for the next few months.

On the “Coming Soon” front, Second Skin is about to go through line edits. It should be available through Musa Publishing in mid-December. So if you see a wacky body-switch plot being spammed around the internet in the upcoming months, that’s probably me.

This month I hope to finish the first rough (rough rough) draft of Draconem, which is a dragon shifter story. Did I mention it’ll be a rough draft? Depending how sexy it ends up, I may sub to Loose Id. So far it’s coming out more “sweet and plotty” than “scorching” (despite the fact there are dragons who breathe fire — where did I go wrong?) so I may try my hand at Dreamspinner first. We’ll see. )

I’m debating whether I should occasionally post bits of my upcoming WiP’s. Some people find them interesting, other people find them pretentious. What do you say, dear readers?


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