Debut Novelist Jena Wade

She writes smokin’ sex scenes, too….


The novel is called “Shoes and Ties” and Loose Id is the publisher. This is Jena Wade’s first full-length effort. The sequel is “Lumbar and Law,” and if you like sassy and sweet love stories, Ashten and Jesse have just the story to tell you. 🙂

What was the first Romance novel that you read? Did you love it or hate it?

I don’t recall the name… but it was when I was in middle school – My sister had acquired a bunch of used Harlequin romances from a garage sale.
I picked up one of them and started reading.
I loved it at the time, but gawd, if I read it now I’d probably hate it!
The rest is history, as they say, since then I have read soooo many different romance novels, from so many different genres.

What was the first M/M Romance novel that you read?


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Discover New NaNo Buddies

Follow me and others on our NaNo journey! 😀

Fetching Figment


NaNo is officially here!

To help you find new NaNo buddies, I interviewed a few friends that were participating this year.

These WriMos work in various genres and levels of experience, so be sure to read their interviews to find out which is best suited for you and your project.

I am so lucky to know these guys and I’m glad to have an opportunity to introduce you to them:

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Tuesday Guest Tickle: Shoes & Ties is Now Available!

Well written and sexy as hell, I absolutely recommend.

The Blunt Instrument

Like a little heat in your kitchen? Bring this book with you. A young, passionate chef and a high-powered business executive–a recipe for spice and excitement!


Ashten Brody is a chef fresh out of college. He lands his dream job working as a personal chef to Trent Cole, local luxury hotel owner. As it turns out, Trent is also his dream man.

After working together, the two are unable to deny their attraction. One late night they can’t hold back any longer. Too bad Ashten rushes off soon after.

In the weeks that follow, it appears to Ashten that he has landed his dream man and his dream job. He and Trent appear to be on the path to a serious relationship and life-long happiness. Life seems to be just too perfect…

Jena Wade’s website

I notice there’s a giveaway for a copy of the book…

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NaNoWriMo 2013

ImageMorning, gals and guys!

I signed up for NaNoWriMo last night. (Buddy me here — let’s race to 50k together!) Contrary to what my profile says, it’s actually not my first year. I’ve been NaNoing with various success since approximately ’05. But it’s my first year as a published writer, and I felt a new screen name was in order.

Anyhoo, I also cobbled together a rough, rough, rough (rough!) summary of my NaNo book. Introducing Arrest Me Not:

In an alternate universe, where gender is less important than how dominant a person is, Sheriff Grant O’Shea is a man without a soul mate. As a dom, his lifespan would be considerably greater with a sub to temper his power. But Grant’s never met his match, and slowly but surely, his power is burning him out.

When a grizzly murder strikes the small city of Tamarack, Grant leads the investigation. But he’s not one-hundred percent after being shot six months, and he’ll need all the dominant strength and willpower he can muster: The only witness — and prime suspect — is none other than his mate.

Poor Grant.

I don’t think this’ll hit 50k, but I have other WIP’s I can finish once I’m done with Arrest. I’m going to cross that finish line one way or another! Come join me on NaNo. It’s going to be a fab time. 😀

Joyfully Jay guest post and four book giveaway!

In honor of the two month anniversary of Bite Me Tender (Kate Lowell), the one month anniversary of Touch Me Not (Genna Donaghy) and the release day (October 22–hooray!) of Shoes & Ties (Jena Wade) and Forgotten Menagerie (October 18th–Kate Lowell), we decided to have a post/party and a giveaway!

Want the chance to win? (Heck yes you do!)

Update and writing goals


Hey all!

As it’s my Friday and I have nothing but 8 hours of toil then the glorious stretch of the weekend in front of me, I thought it was time to update my writing goals for the next few months.

On the “Coming Soon” front, Second Skin is about to go through line edits. It should be available through Musa Publishing in mid-December. So if you see a wacky body-switch plot being spammed around the internet in the upcoming months, that’s probably me.

This month I hope to finish the first rough (rough rough) draft of Draconem, which is a dragon shifter story. Did I mention it’ll be a rough draft? Depending how sexy it ends up, I may sub to Loose Id. So far it’s coming out more “sweet and plotty” than “scorching” (despite the fact there are dragons who breathe fire — where did I go wrong?) so I may try my hand at Dreamspinner first. We’ll see. )

I’m debating whether I should occasionally post bits of my upcoming WiP’s. Some people find them interesting, other people find them pretentious. What do you say, dear readers?

Author Interview with Genna Donaghy

My first author interview. 😀


Genna Donaghy’s debut novel Touch Me Not (Loose Id) released September 15, 2013. We thought we’d aim our questions at First Times. Ready?

1. What was the first Romance novel that you read? Did you love it or hate it?

When I was eleven or so, I picked up a Harlequin time travel book for .25 cents at a yard sale. I didn’t care for the romance or the underlying Christian themes, but I must have read the sex scenes–Oh man. Dozens of times over. That was enlightening.

2. What was the first M/M Romance novel that you read?

Infected by Andrea Speed. I believe I first read it on her Live Journal before she moved to Dreamspinner. I loved the gritty storyline, the clever (heartbreaking!) parallel to the werecat virus and HIV, and how it was a detective story first, romance second. It worked on so many levels. The…

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