Review: Bite Me Tender by Kate Lowell


In the spirit of honesty: Yes I read through the rough draft version as a beta reader before it was published. Then I read the published version. But fear not because I’m the type of asshole friend who would tell someone if their booked sucked, and I’d tell my loyal readers, too. (That’s right. All two of you.)

Luckily for everyone, this book rocks. Here’s a quick summary:

Levi, a badass alpha-type werewolf, has been trying for a year to change his quarter-witch boyfriend, Glyn. (Done through sex. Yes please.) The problem the pack needs more new werewolves, like yesterday. There’s a new baddie in town, and Levi might have to choose between the possessive Glyn and the future of his pack.

As anyone who has beta read or critiqued before, you know sometimes when you get into the editor mindset it’s hard to enjoy the actual story. Bite Me Tender had the opposite problem. I kept falling into the words, into the story, and the unique premise.

First of all, the sex is smokin’ hot. Like, I was reading this during my lunch break in the cafeteria (being the excellent employee that I am) and I could feel myself blushing. And I’ve read sexy stuff since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, so that’s saying something. I was looking around to make sure no other coworkers noticed and everything. (They probably did.)

Anyway, back to the book: The world-building is super interesting. The take on how the characters ‘grow’ werewolves in each other through sex is not only unique but an excellent way to introduce a lot of hot hot hot scenes (see above paragraph).

What really makes me give mad respect to this book is how the author put BOTH characters in between a rock and a hard place. These characters have legitimately tough decisions to make between who they are, their relationship, and the future of the pack. There are no easy solutions.

I’d love to see more of this universe. Either a prequel to how Glyn and Levi met, or a sequel with what they’re doing after the book. I don’t care. Give me more and give it to me soon.

FIVE STARS.  Capitalized and everything.

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