The sequel to Second Skin has officially begun.


I hear there’s an art to writing a sequel. I have also heard there’s an art to winning Minesweeper, so I tend to take these things with a grain of salt.

Today is the day I’ve started my first sequel to my first novel, Second Skin. SS is like your first child: I’ve probably dropped it a few times, alternatively paid too much and too little attention as it grew. And there were a few nights I let it snack on french fries and candy, because I was too busy to cook that evening. (In related news: I should probably never become a mother.)

Anyway, today I got to a blistering 754 words (including the two word title). Not much, but I’m a slow writer.

Although it’s been almost a year since I finished the rough draft of Second Skin, I was surprised how easy it was to reconnect to the characters again. Shane’s always been a favorite. He sees the world through sarcastic eyes, but is somehow still optimistic about life and the goodness of people. He’s a relief after the more bitter mindset of Jake from Touch Me Not.

Because I love putting Shane in terrible and embarrassing situations, he’s starting the book as a cat. I haven’t decided what other animal’s he’ll become yet — I’m a pantser, and that’s half the fun — Maybe I’ll figure out some excuse to make him a llama.


haha. Or not.

If the plot I have in mind actually works out, this book, tentatively called Skin Deep, should be a wild ride. Action, adventure, and gay sex. It’s like peanut butter, chocolate, and gay sex. The perfect trio.